Wash Away With The Waves

I think there’s so much more to the emotions people harbour. They didn’t choose to collect and stockpile pain, hurt, anger, sadness. It walked up the stairs, stood on the porch and waiting a nano-second before barging in.

No permission necessary.

It seems I am at once unsure and conflicted, ready to decide but unwilling to move forward. I wait on the edge of a beach, warm shores and squishy sand. Why do I hesitate? What holds me back?

At the nostalgic turn of the day, the point when every soul sits and ponders, I hesitate. Choices are easier when they are an option, and I like to play it safe. Some feelings are unwanted, and yet they burrow into a corner of your hear,overstaying their welcome and rendering your gracious kindness strained.

Its always the choices we can make that we hold back on. We survey our cards, calculate our odds. We don’t make any moves.

Wind whistles by, clouds float silkily past. Tides ebb and flow, and you have yet to let it go.


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