My perspectives are only as vast as my mindset allows them to be. I wish I could be more free.


The realities that I’m chasing are not meant for me, and those that chase me–haunt.


A time may come when I’m ready, but for right now I’m comfortable.


Being comfortable is never okay, walking on steady ground is too predictable.


Close my eyes, shake my head; change up my perspective.


I’m lost for a moment, and I flounder, but I’m still uniquely and wholly myself.


As long as that’s constant, everything else can move with a wind-like rhythm.



The truth is I’m just an infinitesimal drop in the universe. A drop of flesh, of chocolate skin, of words and endless chatter.

The truth is that I understand my light, I witness its radiance. Few others will.

The truth is I push and push and push. It means nothing if I’m standing in a puddle, and and not a sea.

The truth is my eyes hold stories-so many of them- and my mouth is willing to scatter these pieces of me. My heart holds on, whispering, “Leave them with me, please.”

The truth is everyday I wake up grateful, and happy, and something or someone cannot take that away from me. Because, every night I am enshrouded in tranquility and comfort.

The truth is my smile is not enough, in moments of pure, insouciant joy. My laugh compensates, winking upon the moment.

The truth is so much of who I am is framed by my inner light, inner joy, inner peace. I choose to shine, and one day, the sun will notice my gleam.





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