A letter

To the girls on the bus,

I address you as the girls, because you were more than one, and young. I do so respectfully, so do not think I mock you. It has not been long since I was all of you.

It may seem strange, me penning my thoughts to you, when it seems awkward that I even remember you, seeing as we did not talk, nor were you even aware of my presence. But I do have thoughts, and it is my love for what was once me that makes me share them.

Never believe you are nothing. Never believe you are everything. Never believe you are something.

I say this because if you believe you are nothing, society will do everything it can to affirm this. It will judge you based on your appearance, your demeanor, your every movement. It will criticize about you where no criticism exists, and find flaws where perfection doesn’t. You have lived long enough to mean so much to others, if you have yet to recognize it for yourself. You cannot be nothing, it is impossible.

A dangerous habit you will sink into, if you believe too much of yourself. If, seeing how you fare under society’s ever-darkening lens, you hold yourself up, I pity you. I do so kindly, because, it happens. The very same court where the good are shamed, can turn a different kind of good, bad. Don’t let them take away your humility. Don’t let them take away you. Because if they judged you based on your heart, your words, and your meaning, they would not be able to use everything to describe you–they would invent a new word.

You are not a glass, a chair, a phone, a pen. You are not an object, a tool, a collection of letters. You are the product of so much. You are not 2000, the year you were all born, or 16, the age you all are. You are you in every expression and action and effusion of that spirit. Do not think you are on the edge of meaning nothing, or everything. Do not oscillate. Choose. It means the difference between Syltherin and Gryffindor during the Battle of Hogwarts; it means the difference between whether you try or give up.

Because nothing does not exist, and everything is not enough. Something is too generic, wholly unlikely. The truth is, even in your nothing, you are everything. And even in your everything, there is something that can be a flaw. In your something, if you are negligent, it can become nothing. Choose everyday to be free, to be humble, and to be brave. Do not let society dictate how you treat her. How you talk to her.  How you lose yourself in becoming her. Because she is one of you, you are all one. And yet, you are all very, very different. Embrace that you are all queens. Humble yourselves like siblings. Be true to every part of you, and own it. Own yourself, girls.


A woman.

P.S. Yes, I am still melodramatic. That has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with me.


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